Wednesday, February 2, 2011

life 9

she had siemese cat eyes.
the same crystal blue shade, and the matched cock-eyed stare.
the small beautiful face as if molded by god in the reflection of his angels.
her skin softer than any silk ever spun.
breasts and hips that would make any head turn and any eye wander.
all of this and still unsure of her beauty.
every trip out of those endless white blankets required a robe or sheet to hide this masterpiece.
those small snipets of time it took her to fully cover herself
when i could view her bare and untouched now belong to me.
stashed away for me and only me.
each like a beautiful photograph waiting to be developed for the world to see.
and the only one who needs to see this view the way my eyes have
is the siemese cat-eyed subject in front of me.
just so she can finally see what the world already knows.

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