Saturday, September 4, 2010

play it as it lies

our problem was, and still is for that matter, we were much too alike her and i.
not the kind of similar in the sense that we enjoy the same foods, a shared interest in music, or a drastically matched view on politics or weather.
not to say we had nothing in common, as we did and do.
she enjoys talking, i enjoyed listening.
we both adored the silence.
but our problem would lay solely in the fact that we were much too much alike her and i.
in how we viewed the world, bleak yet hopeful.
how most people and thing can be seemingly uninteresting, including ourselves.
the phrase "on my own terms" actually meant something to us.
and no matter how big our hearts are, most of the time, good luck trying to find them.
and this is where the problem truly lies.
we are so used to cutting people out, if we even let them in, and setting up boundaries to keep from feeling.
for the both of us it had become as common as breathing.
and there it is, there's our problem.
each breath between the two of us carried us further away from each other.
so we are left repelling each other like magnets.
all i can hope for is that old dogs can learn new tricks.

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