Monday, May 31, 2010

work history of the world part 3

job i've occupied:
1. school cafeteria dish washer - i was that kid
2. mr. b's pizza - making pies and playing dough golf... highly unsanitary
3. almega/tru-flex wire - i was a master of custodial arts... dick
4. banc-one - data entry... i basically ran the matrix
5. student rick merch guy - dream job at 20
6. superior contracting - me... building and destroying house and land... best job ever
7. some douche contractor in LA - saw terrible construction ideas and follow through.. terrible
8. sperm donor - any future son of mine... i apologize. sorry.
9. website logo design - punks on skateboards... i can dig it
10. 118 boardshop - hollywood - hi my name is life changing corruption.... nice to meet you
11. LiveNation - employee #2994583329. the devil finally made his deal sweet enough.
12. ValSurf - i loved this place. wish i would have realized it more then. i heart nate kaufman.
13. burton/channel islands/alien workshop - ha... hahaha... ahhhhh how did i not get fired. josh.
14. tada catering - fuck my life for life. but i love those fuckers.
15. unemployment recipient - thank you... i guess

i may have missed a few here or there.... but for the most part thats it. ohhhh i did work at aaron brothers for one day. i had to call in and tell them i would need a small hiatus from  work a day before my second day. but on my own behalf.... i was working for the rolling stones at dodgers stadium.... just to think if i would have just done that second day... maybe right now... i paul rossi could be assistant store manager at an aaron brothers art supplies chain store in southern california. some things can't be undone.... damn it.... if only... ohhh and i had to actually fire myself. not quit... i fired myself. the conversation went along these lines:

me: hey, it's paul rossi. i started last night stocking the store, it was my first day.
manager: oh hey paul. how are you?
me: i'm alright, just doing my government issued taxes.
manager: ohhh gezz! tell me about it. last year my mom owed $20,249 in back taxes.
me: wow! that is something else.
manager: yeah isn't it!? ever since then i've been strict on staying on top of my finances.
me: believe you me. i hear ya.
manager: yep.
me: mhmm.
manager: mmmm
me: well, hey i was calling to say, i won't be able to make it in to work on thursday. i just got booked to do 10 days with the rolling stones at dodgers stadium in southern california. off of sunset blvd, just take a left at elysian park ave. think blue. so i won't be able to come in for my 3 scheduled days of work.
manager: well, gez. ummmm.
me: yeah, i kind of have to take it, it's a lot of money, and well, to be honest it's the rolling stones. at dodgers stadium. 1000 elysian park ave.
manager: well i understand.
me: yep.
manager. mhmmm.
me: welllll.
manager: yes?
me: ohhh nothing my friend was asking me if kurt russell, was in "the thing"... i said yes.
manager: the thing?
me: yeah... are you kidding me. he slays in that movie.
manager: what's it about?
me: listen... i don't have time to explain the plot of "the thing" starring kurt russell to you at this exact moment. i just don't think this is working out. i mean we are in different stages of our lives right now. i just started a new job, and it's really promising and i'm really going to finally chase after my dreams. i mean it this time. not like the dog grooming company idea. i have to do this for me. and i can't have any interruptions in my life. i need to alone to think about all of this. i promise you... it's not you... it's me. i mean that.... not just saying that like everyone always does. i mean it... from my heart. i just need to find myself.
manager: i get it no... i really do. i just... i wis....
me: shhh.... shhhh. no. it's okay to cry.
manager: sniffle
me: shhhhhh. it's okay.... it's okay... shhhh.
manager: but... bu..
me: shhhh... shhhh. shhh..... sh.

something like that.. maybe not verbatim.. but something like that.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

the sabbath

i don't work on the sabbath... le'chaim!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a wee bit of paint

things to do when it's raining...

Friday, May 21, 2010

window panes

i see all things through encrusted panes of glass.
covered from years of built up filth and grime.
jaded eyes stare out blankly constantly searching for answers, or a means to an end.
as everyday slowly turns and the sun shuts out the light
it becomes a task just to see anything at all.
these panes become more polluted with each passing moment.
i try to wipe them clean and all i can manage to do is smear the images around and distort the world worse than it was before.
soon enough it will get so bad that all light and images seen through these tarnished veneers will slip into only memories and all i will be surrounded in is darkness.
i can only hope that one day pure hands will come and wipe this darkening veil.
and i can see through clean panes once again.
only to find that the world i was viewing all these years is more soiled and covered in filth than my window panes ever were.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

return of the MINUTE MEN

in trying times
when your freedom is in jeopardy
and you fear your common man
call on the

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

to those

to all of those with faith in unknowing.
to all those who turn the other cheek.
to all of those mindless drones carrying out senseless tasks.
to all of those with families.
and to all of those without.
to all of those with ailments dreamed up in fairy tales.
to those with half a mind.
to those cut down in their prime.
to those who try to right a wrong.
to those who are not afraid to dance.
to all of those who dream of dreaming.
to those who stiffle their own mind's eye.
to all of those afraid of towering heights.
to all of those lost and wandering souls.
give in.