Friday, May 21, 2010

window panes

i see all things through encrusted panes of glass.
covered from years of built up filth and grime.
jaded eyes stare out blankly constantly searching for answers, or a means to an end.
as everyday slowly turns and the sun shuts out the light
it becomes a task just to see anything at all.
these panes become more polluted with each passing moment.
i try to wipe them clean and all i can manage to do is smear the images around and distort the world worse than it was before.
soon enough it will get so bad that all light and images seen through these tarnished veneers will slip into only memories and all i will be surrounded in is darkness.
i can only hope that one day pure hands will come and wipe this darkening veil.
and i can see through clean panes once again.
only to find that the world i was viewing all these years is more soiled and covered in filth than my window panes ever were.

1 comment:

  1. I gotta say....a good b&w picture through a rainy window always makes me happy.