Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I sit here in silence.
In a resilant silence against the world.
Shut out and far away from eye's that pry.
This is when I hear an unfamiliar sound, my ears have never heard before.
A heavy tapping on my oaken door.
This is no raven rapping or tapping upon my door.
Just a heavy lumbering never heard before.
I remove myself from this cold floor.
to seek the source vibrating behind my door.
Slow and steady I trace a line across this floor.
To that huge and daunting oaken door.
With a hand upon the icy brass knob protruding from that gigantic door.
Pulling firm this sturdy door glides with ease across my wooden floor.
Nothingness lives outside my door.
What is that sound piercing my ears from against the oppisite side of my door.
A walkway and an open sky.
A trick of tricks upon my mind's eye.
Now I sit arms resting heavily upon my thighs.
I begin to drift away, by and by.
Drifting off into a sweet and gentle lullyby.
Only to be awakened by that unfamiliar sound driving loud behind my door.
Vibrating across this oaken floor.
My strength is gone.
Let this sound and its source rap heavily upon my oaken door.
I will lay here forever more.

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