Tuesday, June 8, 2010


"In answer to the "Is the glass half empty or half full?" question, the pessimistic approach would be to pick half empty, while the optimistic approach would choose half full."

This is the picture and explanation for "pessimism" lifted straight from good ol' Wikipedia.

Well my question is.... what does it mean if you look at the glass, and think... fuck you and fuck the cup. i'm trying to get a fucking drink of water here, not psychoanalyze my life with liquids. 

better question is: if that glass was filled with whiskey, and you ask anyone i know, if it's half full or half empty... you'll get a resounding "half empty" response from almost each and everyone. i think it all depends on what's in that little glass there. not like this is "signs" by m. knight however the fuck you spell his name, and we are waiting around for aliens to show so we have a clue as to how to defeat them because some little girl doesn't know how to finish a god damned glass of water. and then you have to have joaquin phoenix around to "swing away".

however i may have read way to far into a simple analogy. 

drink up.

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