Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a time and a place

on the day you decided to kill yourself.
you began to give a certain importance to things.
to everything.
what used to have no sentimental value or even any reason to pay your mind, now holds profound meaning.
an almost enlightened value.
it now is saturated with importance and value, much like an over absorbed sponge, oozing out details of it's new god like status.
but when all things, great or small, hold the same high value, they will inevitably numb each other out.
an over stimulation, rendering your senses dull.
too much for any mind or spirit to handle.
thus you feel numb and empty again.
drowning in an abyss of over stimulation.
but the flowers they hold new meaning.
a butterfly is no longer just a glorified moth.
it is now more beautiful than any creature to grace this earth.
the touch of another human being is more powerful than any drug.
but it all means nothing.
you are numb.
and dulled down to a round point.
and this is when the decision was made.
that this is to be the day,
you kill yourself.

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